Ryan Butler

Python Developer

| ryanleonbutler@gmail.com | github.com/ryanleonbutler


Amazon Web Services

Senior Cloud Support Engineer 04.2018 - Present

Supporting customers on AWS Services. Training and mentoring of peers. Interviewing. Software development on multiple internal projects and tools (Python and NodeJS). Promoted four times from Associate to Senior Engineer.


Group IT Manager 09.2011 - 03.2018

IT Manager for the NOSA Group of companies. The department overseas software installations, architectural implementation of software and software support to clients. We provide all internal IT support as well as systems administration of internal management information systems. Promoted from Software Support to Group IT Manager.

University of Pretoria

Support Technician 09.2007 - 11.2010

First line IT support to students from the university. Maintenance, upkeep and security of computer lab environment.


Internal Webhook Message Delivery System

2020 - Present

Aggregates data from multiple sources and delivers live smart messages to Slack and Chime webhooks in a digestible format in order to react or make informative decisions quickly. Built on Linux, Bash, Python, Amazon DynamoDB, Slack and Chime

Developer Blog

2020 - Present

Designed a Developer Blog to share my knowledge and growth as a developer. Built using Django, Gunicorn, NGINX, EC2, CloudFront.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CD)

2020 - Present

Create a CD Pipeline to automatically apply changes to my personal blog in production when making changes and integrates with GitHub Actions. Used AWS services - CodePipeline and CodeDeploy.


AWS - Certifications (2021)

SA and DevOps Pro.
SA and Developer Ass.

Python Programming (2017 - 2022)

Linux Academy / A Cloud Guru / Hackerank

LPI - Essentials (2016)

Linux Professional Institute

Matric (2006)

DR. E.G. Jansen


Afrikaans - Native

English - Professional


Engineer of the Quarter (Q3)

- 2020

Amazon CloudFront - SME

- 2019


  • Python - JS - HTML - CSS
  • NodeJS - SQL - Bash - Git
  • Jupyter Notebooks - MS Office
  • Networking - NGINX - CDN
  • Linux - Docker - AWS
  • Interests

  • Web and API Development
  • Automation & Data Science