How did I create this blog? (Part 3)
April 20, 2021
python django

In this post we will be looking at creating some views, managing the URL paths, creating some fancy HTML templates and finally adding some Markdown support....

How did I create this blog? (Part 2)
Feb. 20, 2021
python django

Today, we will be creating our Blog App, create the models and setup a super user to draft and manage posts and categories through the Django admin view....

My Visual Studio Code setup
Jan. 14, 2021
python macos vscode

Today we look at the most important tool in a developer's tool belt, the code editor/IDE. Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is currently one of the most popular code editors...

My terminal setup (Mac OS)
Jan. 7, 2021
python macos terminal zsh

Having an efficient and tailored terminal setup is almost as important as your IDE or code editor in my opinion. Lets face it, whether your a Software Engineer, working DevOps or any other role within IT, chances are pretty good you will be spending a lot...

How did I create this blog? (Part 1)
Dec. 24, 2020
python django aws gunicorn nginx

n this post I will be guiding you on how to setup a host where you can deploy Django, Gunicorn and NGINX in order to serve your website or blog....

Introduction to RBO
Dec. 24, 2020
python other

For many years now I have been trying to start my own blog. I just never got around to it....